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Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey and Job Issues

Q: If I get hurt on the job, can I still be fired?A: Yes, to precisely the same extent as if you had not been hurt. In other words, if you have a union contract, you are protected to the same extent by the collective bargaining agreement’s just cause provisions. If not, you are at […]

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Light Duty

Q: What is light duty?A: Light duty is meant to allow an injured or ill employee to return to the workplace, but with work duties modified to conform to an employee’s medically imposed limitations. While light duty usually involves orthopedic type limitations (lifting, bending etc.), it can also include things like environmental exposure limitations (10 […]

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Discipline and Discharge for Workplace Injuries and Accidents

Q: Can I be disciplined if I get hurt at work?A: The best source of protection is the union collective bargaining agreement, as they all require that an employer have just cause for discipline. If you do something that would give your boss just cause to discipline you, you are appropriately subject to discipline. If […]

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